Car Security Camera

Car Security Camera

Nextbase Dash Cams not only protect you on the roads when driving, but also act as a car security camera to add an extra layer of safety to your vehicle when parked up in the day or overnight. Our full range of dash cams cater to these needs by including extra features to ensure you have extra peace of mind when parked up and can rely on your Dash Cam to provide extra security.

Parked Car Security Camera

Our full range of dash cams double to act as a parked car security camera system with the inclusion of Intelligent Parking Mode. This key feature is available on the full series 2 range of dash cams from the 122 through to the latest award-winning 622GW. It will record any bump or physical movement on the vehicle whilst its parked. Using the internal car battery and its wide-angle lens, the dash cameras G Force sensor will register any movement and record it as a ‘protected’ file meaning it won’t be overwritten on the micro SD card and will act as evidence.

Intelligent Parking Mode is a useful feature to have as it will let you know exactly when and where your car has been bumped. This particularly useful in a parking lot, or when left overnight on a busy street with lots of parked cars, as the dash cam effectively works as an in-car security camera that can at night time too. This feature will also work with any Rear Camera module connected too, although it is highly recommended that the dash cam is hardwired into the fuse box for this feature to work for longer. To hardwire in your Dash Cam the Nextbase Hardwire Kit is available to purchase here.


In-Car Recording

For those wishing to record inside the vehicle then Nextbase has the perfect solution with the Nextbase Cabin View Camera. This rear module accessory can be paired with the 322GW, 422GW 522GW and 622GW to record both inside and outside your vehicle. It uses a 140° wide angle lens to record inside the vehicle, as well as through the side windows, making it the perfect solution for taxi drivers, uber drivers and private hire car drivers. The Cabin View Camera does not need a separate power source and neatly installs into the side of your existing front-facing camera system.

Additional Security

For business and fleet owners looking to protect their drivers on the road, the 380GW and 380GWX add an additional layer of security and protection with the inclusion of anti-tamper locks. These specialised locking screws protect the power source and sd card from unauthorised use, meaning they cannot be tampered with, giving Fleet Managers extra peace of mind. Both models also use a password management security system when accessing Wi-Fi through the Cam Viewer app, available on both iOs and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dash Cam Models have Intelligence Parking Mode? 
The full range has Intelligent Parking Mode This feature can be found on the 122, 222, 322GW, 422GW, 522GW and 622GW Dash Cams. It needs to be activated via the settings menu to work.
Is a Hardware Kit needed to use Intelligence Parking Mode for a front and rear camera?

The Series 2 Cameras have an internal lithium ion battery for emergency uses, such as the loss of power during an incident. This will allow the camera to continue recording to the end of the clip before switching off.

This internal battery has around 10-15 minutes of battery life.

However with the Rear Camera added, the battery life is drastically reduced due to the additional power draw. This is usually 1-3 minutes if fully charged.

If you intend on using Parking Mode on your camera, then we'd instead recommend using a Hard Wire Kit, not the Cigarette Lighter Cable. The Hard Wire Kit will allow the camera to draw nominal current from the car's battery, preventing the cam's battery from being drained. The Hard Wire Kit has an in-built voltage cut off which protects the car's battery from being drained below 11.2V. We'd recommend using a Permanent Live fuse.