Discreet car camera

Discreet Dash Cams

Discreet Dash Cams

Nextbase offer a range of small and discreet Dash Cams to suit the needs of drivers on the roads. These have been designed to offer a clearer field of view, with the latest Dash Cam designs and magnetic mounts taking up less space on your windscreen, acting as less of a distraction to drivers and providing extra peace of mind on the roads.

Compact & Discreet

The current series of Dash Cams are around 35% smaller than its predecessor and use the latest in cutting edge technology with the adoption of the Click&Go PRO Mounts. This patented design uses integrated magnetic power connectors meaning you can remove your in-car camera with just one hand. The power cable installs directly into the mount, which allows the Dash Cam to be completely wireless. These mounts use a 3M adhesive pad as the default fitting method, taking up less windscreen space and providing a strong connection. An optional Hardwire Kit is also available to connect your Dash Cam to the vehicle’s fuse box, meaning there are no additional wires on show to offer a neat and tidy connection.

Small Hidden Dash Cam

The smallest Dash Cam in the current Nextbase line-up is the standard entry-level 122 model. This neat and tidy in-car camera weighs in at just 80g and is only 8cm in width, meaning it takes up less space on the windscreen and can easily be fitted behind the front rear view mirror. This small Dash Cam certainly packs a punch though, it not only records in standard HD at 720p, but also features a 2” LED screen for easy menu selection, intelligent parking mode to keep your vehicle protected when parked and the latest Click&Go PRO magnetic mount for easy setup and removal. It is clear to see why the 122 is the ideal dash camera for the younger or first time driver.

1080p HD Recording

For drivers still looking at a small Dash Cam option, but with extra features, then Nextbase has you covered. The award-winning 322GW is slightly bigger than the standard 122 option, with a 2.5” HD IPS touch screen and larger 6G lens, but is certainly worth the extra space. It features 1080p HD video recording at 60 frames per second to reliably record incidents day and night with extra detail and clarity. It includes a wide range of important and potentially life saving features including Emergency SOS Response, Wi-fi and inbuilt GPS, which can be seen in more detail here.

1080p HD Recording
Series1 Dash Cams

Business, Fleet and Automotive Range

For those looking at hidden car camera solution then the Nextbase business, fleet and automotive range is ideal. The 380GW is designed to fit seamlessly in your vehicle and is hardly noticeable. It features a professional mounting system, with its discreet and unobtrusive design made suitable for all types of vehicles including cars, vans, and trucks.
The 380GW delivers high quality 1080p video recording for day and night-time recording, built in GPS and leading safety features including anti-tamper locks and password Wi-Fi management. The 380GWX model combines all the features of the 380GW, but included the added benefit of a rear camera connection to add all-round protection in full 1080p HD.
The Nextbase 300W is another ideal discreet solution designed for all types of vehicles. This 1080p model, sold currently in Costco and Aldi continues the trend of not featuring a screen to provide the perfect hidden car camera option. Its discreet design uses an easy to fit 3M adhesive mount and rotating lens, making it suitable for cars, lorries and trucks.


The option to customise your Dash Cam is greater than ever before with the availability of the Nextbase Rear Camera add -ons. These can be used on the 322GW and up to provide all-round protection. Both the Cabin View and Rear View Camera are small, discreet options that can easily be fitted into the side of your front facing Dash Cam. With no extra wires or cabling required, it’s the perfect small rear camera solution. The wired Rear Window Camera sits directly on your windscreen, using neodymium magnets, this table tennis ball size camera is compact, discreet and can be used at any angle.

Rear Camera