How Much Is a Dash Cam?

How much is a dash cam? 

More of us are choosing to install dash cams in our vehicles — to enhance road safety, for protection when parked, and to improve driver behaviour. But how much is a dash cam for your car?

When comparing your options, dash cams vary in price. This typically depends on the quality of the recording, and the additional features each model has. Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of your options including budget vs. premium and how installing a dash cam can save you money.

Smart Dash Cams

The Nextbase iQ Smart Dash Cam provides the highest level of protection. With three resolution options including 1K 1080p, 2K 1440p and 4K 2160p, drivers can record high-quality footage on the road.

Not only does the smart dash cam record high-quality footage, but it also boasts a range of features including Live View — see exactly what your car sees from anywhere in the world, Smart Sense Parking and Spatial Awareness features with specially trained AI. Drivers can also use Emergency SOS and Witness Mode for added protection.

At Nextbase, our smart iQ dash cams range in price from $499.99 to $699.99 depending on your chosen HD resolution. 

622GW Dash Cam 

An alternative to the iQ smart dash cam, the 622GW records in high-resolution 4K. Image stabilisation means no detail is missed, so no matter where your journey takes you, the recorded footage will be clear and smooth.

Like the iQ, the 622GW model has its own safety features for enhanced peace of mind when driving. This includes precise location sharing, What3Words so the emergency services can find you even if you’re unsure where you are, and Emergency SOS response with crash detection. The 622GW also has voice control built-in so you can play your favourite songs, call home and save essential footage without taking your concentration off the road.

The 622GW Dash Cam is priced at $399.99, making it a more affordable option than the iQ whilst still boasting premium features.

Mid-level dash cams - 522GW, 422GW, 322GW 

At Nextbase, we have a range of mid-level dash cams as affordable choices for those looking for a lower-priced option. The 522GW and 422GW Dash Cams come with a range of safety features as standard, including 2K resolution recording, Emergency SOS Response for help when you need it most, wifi connectivity and Intelligent Parking Mode. They also feature Alexa voice control.

The Nextbase 522GW is priced at $299.99, with the 422GW priced slightly lower at $289.99.

The 322GW model records lower resolution footage than the previous mid-level models at 1080p. However, you can still benefit from clear, detailed images with the help of a 6G glass lens to capture the essentials. Whilst it’s a more affordable option, it has features to give drivers peace of mind on the road, including Intelligent Parking Mode and SOS Emergency Response.

The Nextbase 322GW is priced at $199.99.

Affordable dash cams - 222, 122

If you’re looking for an entry-level dash cam, the Nextbase 222 and 122 models could be the best option. The 222 dash cam records in 1080p resolution to capture the details of your journey. It also boasts wifi connectivity so you can share footage with other devices, or your insurer. It also has Emergency SOS Response and Intelligent Parking Mode to keep you safe on the road.

The 122 dash cam is small but mighty. It packs an HD punch at an affordable price point, making it a good choice for new, first-time drivers. This dash cam records your journey in 720p HD @ 30 fps so you won’t miss a thing. Footage will be enhanced with night vision and a 4-layer f2.2 lens so you can capture important details when driving.

The Nextbase 122 dash cam comes in at $79.99 for an affordable, trustworthy addition to your vehicle.

Premium Vs. Budget Dash Cams

How do you choose between a premium or budget dash cam? It helps to weigh up the features and advantages of each to help you decide.


One of the most important factors to consider when weighing up a premium or budget dash cam is how much you wish to spend. Smart dash cams like the iQ come with some of the most advanced features making them a premium choice.

If you’re looking for a mid-level option, Nextbase dash cams including the 522GW, 422GW and 322GW are a good option — you’ll still benefit from some of the best HD footage but at a lower price point. If you want to protect yourself for less, entry-level dash cams including the 222 and 122 will still pack a punch with HD recordings but at a more affordable price.

Smart features

Some of our Nextbase dash cams have smart features that make driving even safer. These smart features include Smart Sense Parking, Spacial Awareness, and Witness Mode. These capabilities tend to increase the price of a dash cam so bear this in mind when deciding which model to choose.

Image quality

When choosing a dash cam, image quality is one of the most important considerations. No matter your budget, this should be something you prioritise. Whilst more expensive dash cams tend to record in higher resolution with image stabilisation to reduce blur, all of our dash cams can record high-quality images, similar to what you might find on a TV or camera.

Wifi connectivity and Bluetooth

Most of our Nextbase dash cams have wifi connectivity and Bluetooth settings to make sharing footage even easier. This is something that many drivers could benefit from as it makes sharing and accessing files simple, meaning you can view them and send them to your insurer or the police if needed. It’s worth keeping in mind that lower-level dash cams like the 222 and the 122 do not have this feature.

Emergency features

It’s important to consider the emergency features you could benefit from when driving. Whilst all of our dash cams feature Intelligent Parking Mode, other safety features including Emergency SOS, What3Words and GPS can be useful if you’re looking for an extra layer of protection, especially if you regularly venture off-road.

Rear Dash Cams

As well as front-facing dash cams, you can choose from a range of rear-facing dash cams so you can see every which way. These dash cams can be used as an addition to a front-facing dash cam or as an individual option. Our rear-facing dash cams, including the Rear Window Cam, Rear View Camera and Cabin View Camera are all priced at $99.99, so you can choose an option to suit you. 

Refurbished dash cams 

At Nextbase, we offer a range of renewed dash cams so you can take advantage of the most advanced, up-to-date models at a lower price point. Our certified renewed products are reviewed by in-house technicians. These products are second-hand, but that doesn’t mean compromising on quality.

Our renewed dash cams may come back to us if a customer has changed their mind and returned the dash cam, or might have been a demonstration model. When our dash cams are renewed, the battery will be replaced with a more updated option. All of our dash cams go through a quality inspection before being sold, so by choosing a renewed dash cam, you’ll also benefit from a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Explore our range of renewed dash cams at Nextbase and save money on some of the latest models. Save as much as $150, whether you’re looking for a front or rear-facing dash cam, or a cabin view camera. 

How dash cams can save you money

If you’re weighing up whether you should invest in the best dash cam on the market, or choose a more affordable option, knowing how a dash cam can save you money in the long run can help you decide:

Accident claims: If you’re involved in a car accident or are nearby when an incident takes place, your dash cam footage can provide evidence. This can help determine liability and prove the accident was not your fault.

Preventing fraud: Similarly, having video evidence of an accident means you can prevent fraudulent claims from being made against you. This can also save you from increased premiums and other costly outgoings.

Monitor vehicle use: Smart dash cams allow customers to remotely set speed and location limits. This means you don’t have to worry about your kids, mechanic, or valet driving recklessly and potentially putting your vehicle at risk. This can also be a great feature for companies with fleet cars and taxi companies.

Protection when parked: Dash cams at all levels offer protection when parked. Intelligent Parking Mode records any bumps or physical movement on or around the vehicle whilst your car is parked. The footage captured means you can provide evidence if your car is bumped to help determine liability and manage claims more easily.

Improves driver behaviour: Installing a dash cam — whether a front or rear dash cam — can save you money by improving behaviour. Rear dash cams can reduce the chance of tailgating, deterring accidents and saving money on costly repairs.

Installing a dash cam — whether the most expensive or a more affordable option — means you can protect yourself from incidents on the road. They can make driving seamless with a range of features to improve every journey. 

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